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What You Should Know About Graduating…

  To the teens I work with who are graduating high school, still in high school, & those about to enter jr. high…   Here’s what I tell you every year.  IT’S OKAY TO FEEL EXCITED BUT ALSO SCARED. To feel like the earth is dropping out from under you & you’re unsure of how you fit. Every […]

Let’s End Human Trafficking {{Our RECLAIMING SHILO SNOW Campaign}}

I woke this morning from a dream in which my kids had been taken along with others, years ago – & for a moment I saw a glimpse of them in a crowd. I ran for them & ended up alone on a street, screaming out “I love you” just so they could hear my […]

New Year’s Wish For You

  Thinking of you, preciouses,   As we leave behind a rather…strange year. One that – let’s be honest – at times stole our breath with absolute beauty, but other times carved up bits of our soul at the shock & loss & pain. In fact, if I could describe the way many I know […]

Christmas GIVEAWAY!!!

Anyone up for an EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY?? Or maybe TWO giveaways?? * * * This is one of my favorite events every year – gifting bookish things!!! So far we’ve done boxes of Storm Siren classroom sets to schools, book royalties to A21 to fight human trafficking, hardbacks sent to every friend y’all recommended, and now…   I […]

On the Topic of Body Image (Whether You’re a Teen or Adult)

“Only 2% of women in the world find themselves beautiful.” *** Oh friends… Sigh. In my work with teens, my relationship with my own teen daughters, the women around me, and the woman inside of me – the challenge of body image is waaay too often an issue. It’s like this sick intruder sneaking in to steal a […]

3 Simple Words That Have the Power to Change Humanity

. “What is the best approach to impact the rest of your life? What if it involved only three simple words?” *** This talk. Beyond words. <3 Dr. Mark Holder is a researcher on HAPPINESS – and how to increase it, connect over it, create it, and live a life of it together. Because “it’s […]

On the Topic of Kindness

  “Kindness is the gift of life.” * * * I love that.❤️ If you know me at all – you know that’s my flag. I so very much believe the use of kindness matters greatly (and yes it’s a choice to USE it or NOT). Kindness to ourselves. To others. To the generation of […]

Adventuring in Chicago (In which there was pizza, castles, & Brene Brown)

One of my favorite conferences I’ve attended twice in the past few years is ALA (the American Librarians Association). You guys, it’s like this massive convention of the nicest people you’ll ever meet – namely, LIBRARIANS, in their natural book habitat, NOT being quiet. It’s also one of the main places publishers go to display (& […]

Adventuring with Maggie Stiefvater & Court Stevens…and UPCOMING EVENTS!

YOU GUYS, it’s SUMMERRRRR!!! Please tell me you have plans to embark on some fantastic adventure, even if it’s just around your own town! If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been adventuring with mainly book travels recently. In March I did the author panels at Ontario Teen Bookfest – which was a blast […]


My publisher’s doing a fun FREE SWAG campaign! . Grab your fun tote bag – which is PERFECT for carrying around those summer swim clothes & beach reads (or, you know, for taking stuff to the gym, if you’re so inclined). All the info is on the graphic! And here are a few of the […]


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