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Adventuring in Chicago (In which there was pizza, castles, & Brene Brown)

One of my favorite conferences I’ve attended twice in the past few years is ALA (the American Librarians Association). You guys, it’s like this massive convention of the nicest people you’ll ever meet – namely, LIBRARIANS, in their natural book habitat, NOT being quiet. It’s also one of the main places publishers go to display (& […]

Adventuring with Maggie Stiefvater & Court Stevens…and UPCOMING EVENTS!

YOU GUYS, it’s SUMMERRRRR!!! Please tell me you have plans to embark on some fantastic adventure, even if it’s just around your own town! If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been adventuring with mainly book travels recently. In March I did the author panels at Ontario Teen Bookfest – which was a blast […]


My publisher’s doing a fun FREE SWAG campaign! . Grab your fun tote bag – which is PERFECT for carrying around those summer swim clothes & beach reads (or, you know, for taking stuff to the gym, if you’re so inclined). All the info is on the graphic! And here are a few of the […]

Full Pics & Deets on the “13 REASONS WHY” Paramount Premiere

On Thursday I had the enormous honor (like if I talk about it I either smile or start to cry) of attending the red carpet premiere for my friend (and YA author), Jay Asher, and his book-turned-Netflix series, 13 REASONS WHY. And truthfully, you guys? It was more incredible(!) & more normal than you’d think from […]

CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY!!! {1 Trilogy for YOU, 1 for a FRIEND!}

CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY!!!! Ok, so each year the giving is ON – and this holiday I thought we’d honor the friends in our lives. Those we can’t live without because they’re literally always popping in our house or letting us pop into theirs. And they carry with them the right words at the right times, or […]

WHERE I’LL BE!! (Events You Can Find Me At)

Oh the places we’ll go… (and have coffee and author visits and writing workshops together)

Siren’s Song Fan Art & Cosplay Contest!

YOU GUYS!!!!!! We get to bring Nym’s world to life with a Siren’s Song Fan Art & Cosplay Contest!

Holiday Charity & Giving Away <3

Happy Holidays, you guys!!!!! How are you??? (Like REALLY TRULY – how are you??) How goes the precious / weird / wild / busy season? I can tell you I’m just now getting into the swing of things (we decorated!!) and am aching to find some snow (Cali beaches don’t quite cut it in the winter department).  I’m also […]

2015 Fall YA Scavenger Hunt!!

Add up the clues, and you can enter for our prize – one lucky winner will receive one signed book from each author on the hunt!

2015 Spring YA Scavenger Hunt!!

Welcome to the 2015 Spring YA Scavenger Hunt!!


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