CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY!!! {1 Trilogy for YOU, 1 for a FRIEND!}


Ok, so each year the giving is ON – and this holiday I thought we’d honor the friends in our lives. Those we can’t live without because they’re literally always popping in our house or letting us pop into theirs. And they carry with them the right words at the right times, or the lack of words because we just need someone to sit with as we stare or vent or laugh.

So let’s celebrate FRIENDSHIP this week & the joy it brings to the world!! And since SIREN’S SONG paperbacks just hit stores – both the hardback & paperback sets are now complete!! So let’s spread the love!❤️



❄️1 STORM SIREN paperback TRILOGY for you.
❄️1 STORM SIREN paperback trilogy for a friend. {I’ll send both to you and you can gift it to whomever!} JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS!!!


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❄️Go follow @thomasgaddis Instagram page {Y’all know my dad drew all 3 maps for the books so I’m thinking we’ll shock & show him some insta-love (mwahaha) – EQUALS TWO EXTRA points!}
❄️Follow my Instagram account {EQUALS one extra point }
❄️GIVEAWAY ENDS Sunday, Dec 18th!
❄️Shipping available to U.S. only.

I hope you’re already thinking of a BESTIE to GIVE YOUR TWIN SET TO!!!!!

Storm Siren Giveaway

 <3 <3 <3

Merry Christmas, friends

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  1. December 20, 2016 | 6:13 pm - Reply

    Hiya!!! I already follow you on Instagram and am happy to follow your dad – way cool!! I’d love to win your series and share another copy. GREAT giveaway!! Thank you!! @BurgandyIce

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