Let’s End Human Trafficking {{Our RECLAIMING SHILO SNOW Campaign}}

I woke this morning from a dream in which my kids had been taken along with others, years ago – & for a moment I saw a glimpse of them in a crowd. I ran for them & ended up alone on a street, screaming out “I love you” just so they could hear my voice.
Good grief – my mama heart. It’s still shaking!


And yet, it seems unbelievably appropriate considering this post that I’d already written for today. Because, you guys, it is my heart. <3
As many of you know, the issue of human trafficking is a passion for Peter & I. Our eldest is working overseas with victims this year, & while not at all graphic (it’s aliens & adventure, hello), I wrote THE EVAPORATION OF SOFI SNOW & RECLAIMING SHILO SNOW to open up the compassion conversation & share my heart on who I believe we can be as a human community.
So here’s the deal. <3

In the past Peter & I have donated royalties from STORM SIREN, made private donations, etc, to A21 & others. However, this time we really wanted to utilize the tools we have, to raise as broad an awareness as possible. We also very much want to honor you, our dear readers (we love you!), & give back in YOUR names.
With that in mind, Peter & I are personally running an A21 campaign for the next 2 weeks – & have committed to a number of items.
(1) We’re donating a dollar in the name of each person who’s ordered RECLAIMING SHILO SNOW (anytime in the past up until its release in 2 weeks on March 6th)*. If you order it – you can send your name & screenshot of the receipt to the email Mary@MchristineWeber.com, & we’ll make a donation in your name to A21. This is our gift to you.
(2) If you’d rather forego the book but still want to donate to A21 – we’d love to send you something! Just email a screenshot of your donation receipt, full name, & mailing address to the above listed email, & we’ll get some swag out to you**.
(3) If you simply want to make a donation to A21 without the extras, please do! And thank you so much!
Truly, from our hearts to yours – thank you. For believing that we can all make a difference.
All the fine details are on my A21 Page – the link is here: RECLAIMING SHILO SNOW’s A21 Campaign

We love you. <3 Let’s keep raising our voices!!! <3

{{cheering us on in this beautiful community called humanity…}}

~m & p

(100% of all donations go straight to A21 to help end human trafficking and slavery)
*up to 1500 books
**minimum donation of $10, up to 500 entries total
***preordered book amounts will be verified with HarperCollins’ statements in May, 2018

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