New Year’s Wish For You


Thinking of you, preciouses,


As we leave behind a rather…strange year.

One that – let’s be honest – at times stole our breath with absolute beauty, but other times carved up bits of our soul at the shock & loss & pain.

In fact, if I could describe the way many I know are feeling, it would be a sense of eyeing this new season called 2018 with anticipation, yes – but also a weariness or bracing. What will it hold? Are we truly ready for more?


My prayer for you as we step out this door & into more is that there will indeed be MORE.

More wonder. More hope. More provision for the journey. More strength to see above the waves of what could be, to what SHOULD BE, on that uncharted shore. More grace to carry your soul through the plot twists – and more courage to see that you are already making a difference in this world. You are not a victim of this past year, nor a survivor. You are a conquerer. You are a life-changer because you chose to show up, speak truth, & love the best you could. And you’ve no idea the power that choice contained or the healing it brought to others. And to me.


Thank you for being here. For being a fellow fighter & traveler & standard of goodness. Even on the days when all you had the energy to do was stand.

I pray 2018 will see the collection of goodness you’ve given out come back to you in waves of grace & favor & more. May it bring new life to your soul, laughter to your lungs, & love to your tired heart.

Much love, dear friends. And Happy Stepping-Out-The-Door-Into-New-Joy Day. We’re doing this together. <3


Cheering us on in this community called Humanity…



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  1. January 8, 2018 | 5:02 pm - Reply

    So beautifully said. I really NEEDED that encouragement this morning.

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